Ciao mi chiamo Fabio e sono un Web Promoter Travel. Cos'è ? Semplice, un consulente turistico personale al servizio di tutti coloro i quali amano organizzarsi i viaggi nel web senza sorprese...
























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Hello everybody! My name is Fabio I’ve been working as a tourist promoter and planner since 2000. I deal with multimedia tourist consultancy on behalf of customers from “graficaegrafica” studio  www.graficaegrafica.it 

In the spare time, I liaise with some national and international tour operators as partaker guide for some groups of tourist friends willing to visit the most interesting and typical places of volcanic land where I live and operate.

In my capacity of Etnino company founder, I lead friends of the community to amusing excursions by car, on foot, by mountain bike or snow rackets, along the most suggestive paths of Volcano Etna and its gorgeous natural park…

Important !!!! You will not find me in any brochure and/or in any public notice from tourist board who only rely on truly giant of the field. The service I fulfil is addressed to a “niche” clientele, who can easily reach me through my network Etnino. Indeed the Internet is the only means thanks to which I could follow my passion: the love for the land I live in and the tourist welcome. Without the Internet I wouldn’t be writing you all of this, nor you reading it…

The partaker attendant  is not a tour guide (does it take a special test ?!!???) but a simple professional who puts, his own free time and his passion for excursions, on hand, to accompany “do-it-by-the-web” tourist friends.

He suggests the right  itinerary, where to go and not to go, where to eat and not to eat…. He will show some of the morphological and anthropological aspects of the territory including historical notions.

In a nutshell, he would do what a far relative would do if, in occasion of a festivity,  he invites you to visit the place he lives.  Well… I am not a relative of yours, I know, but  for sure I would welcome you and accompany you with the same enthusiasm, doing my utmost to put you at ease, by organizing at the best your availability, we will spend together daytime tailored to your specific requirements.

  Together for an unusual journey that I would define: “explosive and volcanic”….

The partaker guide is a sort of “tourist tutor” who organizes and leads the excursions and keeps the right contacts to rent the necessary equipments for outings (car or coach, that he will drive for your account, snow rackets, mountain bikes and any other equipment required by the excursion).

A friend who will look after you from the beginning til the end of your tour…mobile: 348 1342406

So then... choose the right pack... book an etnino-pack© !! (ITA)

Obligatory Declaration of non responsability 

As simple partaker attendant I have no responsibility for accidents even serious occurring during the excursion. The activities proposed require, in fact, minimum  strength and could be dangerous for anybody not being in good psycho-physical conditions. Therefore, like any other corporation acting in the territory with the same purpose, a non responsibility declaration  is compulsory.



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ETNINO® è una piccola mascotte etnea al servizio del mondo internettuale. La sua attività è quella di offrire un servizio di  promozione turistico-multimediale siciliano, onesto e di qualità. Etnino sta crescendo pian pianino e spera  di diventare, a piccoli passi, un amico virtuale per tutti gli appassionati del vulcano e per tutti i "turisti fai da te" esistenti nel web.  Scusateci per eventuali errori imperfezioni o quant'altro;  noi ci stiamo impegnando al massimo per offrire un servizio informativo degno e proporzionato alle nostre forze. Dateci tempo e miglioreremo. Per segnalazioni o quant'altro scrivete a   redazione@etnino.it o chiamate il numero 3383293268.

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